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Times of India - March 3, 2022.

Directed and Produced by Niyantha Shekar & Mukti Krishan
Co-produced by Anirudh Ganapathy and Charudatta Rane
Cinematography by Anirudh Ganapathy
Edited by Niyantha Shekar
Additional Cinematography by Azaan Shah, Charudatta Rane and Mukti Krishan
Aerial Cinematography by Nikhil Kapur
Sound Design by Dinesh Kumar
Colour Grade by Kabir Nagranee
Online Edit by Mukti Krishan
Graphics by Zenish Mehta and Mukti Krishan
Archival footage and photographs from Umar Mehraj
Poster Design by Anirudh Ganapthy
Behind the Scenes
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